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- GATOR Glass™ for Choppers

GATOR Glass for Choppers
GATOR Glass for Choppers
GATOR Glass for Choppers
GATOR Glass for Choppers

We can take your custom bike from chopper to show-stopper with GATOR GLASS! There's no limit to what we can do with your chopper or cruiser. Since there is such a wide variety of tastes and ideas to make bikes reflect their owners, all custom chopper GATOR GLASS is made-to-order. Please call for a quote (708) 389-4646, fill out an Estimate Form Here.

Give us your idea and we can make it happen:

  • Gator Glass on 240-360mm fenders
    (Don't worry, there are no clearance problems)
  • Custom brake lights, running lights, and turn signals
  • Custom Gator Glass Tanks
  • Custom Gator Glass Bags
  • Frames

While you're getting your Gator Glass in order, pick out a custom paint job with some custom airbrushing. Our paint work is just as hot as our Gator Glass.

Please Call for Price